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CBD oil capsules


Full spectrum hemp extract, without the mouthfeel of oils or tinctures. 

These simple but mighty capsules are specially formulated to help you have a major chillax moment –whether that’s for a daily calm or to aid in sleep. Onda’s patented extraction process doesn’t strip away important cannabinoids or terpenes, which are key to getting that perfect mellow.

500mg (25mg/capsule) of full-spectrum hemp extract.

Directions & Dosage 

Take one capsule with food for day to day stress, or two capsules at night with a snack to aid in sleep. For those who have a sensitive stomach, take with food. These capsules are great for both beginners or experienced CBD users.

One capsule contains 25mg full spectrum hemp extract.

Ingredients: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Coconut Oil.

Why did we choose to partner with Onda?

  • Patented extraction process that is not dependent on alcohol, CO2 or other solvents for extracted
  • ONDA grows their hemp without any harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • Simple, high-quality ingredients
  • Transparent production process

Third Party Lab Test Results

Onda Hemp Certificate of Analysis

Onda Capsule Certificate of Analysis

Onda Liquid Chromatography

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