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Colorado Hemp Honey

Nick French, the founder of Colorado Hemp Honey and owner of Frangiosa Farms, was inspired to create Colorado Hemp Honey so that people and pets could feel rested and happier. The story of Colorado Hemp Honey did start with people and their pets in 2015, but the story of its parent company Frangiosa Farms started by working with the bees and Nick’s passion for urban farming in 2008.

Frangiosa Farms began with Nick’s passion for beekeeping and the healthy, beneficial base for Colorado Hemp Honey products – raw honey. He wanted a way to focus on natural, sustainable beekeeping practices that considers the long-term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies.

Nick established an organization as a subset of Frangiosa Farms, Adopt a Honeybee, to do just that. Bottom line – if the bees are not properly and carefully cared for, then they cannot be productive and happy and we cannot have amazing raw honey. The best way is to work with the bees. It is the only way!

Why did we choose Colorado Hemp Honey as a partner?

  • 100% pure and raw Rocky Mountain honey.
  • Colorado-grown full spectrum hemp extract (plant-based, non-isolate).
  • The hemp is extracted with a unique, reusable process that best preserves terpenes and maintains superior quality.
  • Triple tested for purity and potency.
  • CHH donates 10 cents of every jar purchase to Veterans to Farmers.

When you support Frangiosa Farms by supporting Adopt a Honeybee and buying their honey products, you make a positive difference for the bees. Every penny of your donations to Adopt a Honeybee go towards purchasing more equipment to establish new bee colonies, develop programs that educate new beekeepers and supporters, and create a bee business where the honey sales go directly back to creating more colonies. It is a sustainable loop where the bees help to save themselves!

Frangiosa Farms’ beekeepers use only organic practices to care for the bees and their hives. Since chemicals and pollutants in the environment are killing bees, it does not make sense to add chemicals to a hive to make them healthy. To care for the bees and their hives, the beekeepers dust bees with powdered sugars to encourage grooming and don’t use chemicals to spray the hives. Instead, they use essential oils (it’s not just for Colorado Hemp Honey after all!)

For more information on how you can directly support their bees and hives, please visit