The brands we partner with rock. It’s more than third-party lab testing and reading labels. Learn why here.

Finding CBD that works for you can be confusing and expensive.

We’ve chosen our hero hemp-derived CBD products that take us down a notch. Try relaxing CBD minis, and get the full size 10% off.

Read more CBD Basics about lab testing, passing drug tests, and different kinds of CBD here. (C’mon, you’re curious).

Will the products on the Remedy get me high?

Sorry, the products on the Remedy will not get you high. Since all of the products we carry are made from industrial hemp, they contain .3% THC or less. Read more.

Is CBD legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is now legally considered a crop. At a federal level, CBD is legal but is still up to each state to enforce their own policies. Read more.

How do I know what product is best for me?

It depends on what your desired effect is, and what you’re most comfortable taking! We created our Chillax Box for this exact reason – so you can test different kinds of hemp-derived CBD products. Many people enjoy using Tonic’s Chill Tonic for a controlled dose of relaxing CBD, while others may prefer Colorado Hemp Honey’s Raw Relief because they can mix it into a water-based drink at night. Read more.